We proudly work with Racers Edge Nutrition and HBodyLab Tri for all things multisport. Racers Edge Nutrition and HBodyLab help provide our athletes with custom programs to help our athletes reach their goals.

Nutrition and Fueling


Nicole Rubenstein

We're based in beautiful Colorado, but you don't have to live here to work with Racer's Edge Nutrition. All consults are done virtually with video conferencing or telephone visits.

Everything we do is tailored to YOU. We provide science-based solutions to help you reach your goals. No diets, no fads, no temporary success. So whether you're looking to get the edge over your competition or just racing against yourself to be the best you, Racer's Edge Nutrition will help you get there. Located in Denver CO, Nicole works with athletes in Colorado, California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Minnesota, South Carolina, Florida, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Vermont, Arkansas, Virginia (subject to change)

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Strength and Conditioning


Kevin Hanover

Located in Boulder CO, Kevin works with athletes all over the globe.

The Mission of HBodyLab is to coach all levels of endurance athletes to become strong, mobile, fit and fast by finding a place for sport and movement in their lives. We also seek to provide multisport access and opportunity to young athletes with limited resources. Smile lots, fight for every inch, and earn your pancakes!

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